Cold therapy & Multiple Sclerosis

*Cryovest Boléro : a cooling vest for MS patients

Cooling the body is often used to decrease muscular pains and muscular tiredness. Various technics of cold therapy are already used before any physical activities:

  • Cold baths
  • Cabin of cryotherapy

However they are not compatible with a regular physical activity. From where the search for new methods of cryotherapy, less constraining and easier to use such as wearing a cooling vest like CRYOVEST Boléro.


*Heat: the enemy of patients with MS

It is proven that maintaining a physical activity when having MS allows to improve the quality of life. When practicing this kind of activity, the raise of body temperature can involve a partial aggravation of the patient’s conditions. In other words, heat is an enemy in the evolution of the disease.  

It remained to find a good combination: pursuit of rehabilitation or physical activities without making the body temperature raise: wearing the CRYOVEST Boléro during the effort can be a good answer to reduce and to preserve the thermic comfort during physical activities:

The cooling vest BOLERO is using a cold technology new generation:

  • Long last cold (about 2 hours)
  • Non-aggressive
  • Flexible