A vest with strong technical characteristics

Cryovest is a cooling vest adapted to sportsmen in case of strong heat. Heat and Sport are not always compatible, however thanks to this cooling vest trainings, warm-ups can be maintain without risks of heat stress.

It can be used in pre-cooling during your physical preparation; before a competition during your warm-up for example. Cryovest Sport can also be used during post-cooling phase to improve your recovery.

Cryovest is the lighter, less than 2 kilos. It is also the only cooling vest to guarantee a non-agressive cold over a long duration during 90minutes.

The First+Ice cold packs used with the Cryovest, are flexible to not restrict or impede movements.

Cryovest Sport answers all the sportsmen expectation with its high performance technicity:

  • Lightweight: less than 2 Kg
  • Ergonomic and Comfort
  • High quality cold
  • Long lasting (2 hours)


CRYOVEST Sport integrate 8 FirstIce cold bags (to put in the freezer ONLY )

  • 4 cold bags in the front ,
  • 4 cold bags in the back


WARNING: Our CRYOVEST size small, we suggest you to have a look at the sizing chart before your selection

Size Chart: sizing_chart-_cryovest_sport_industry.pdf

cooling vest heat stress

Technical Caracteristics


  • 1,9 Kg

Ergonomic and Comfort

  • Not restrict or impede movement
  • Lumbar support (elastic strap)

High Quality cold

  • A non aggressive cold over a long duration due to its unique patented snow cold technology used in medical

Long lasting

  • Homogeneous and long cold diffusion (autonomy 90min)

Avantage of Cryovest


  • Maintain a constant level of heart rate
  • Stabilize the water status
  • Improve energy efficiency (+15,8%)


  • Restore the heart rate to a stable condition
  • Gain de 7 BPM after 20 minutes of recovery
  • Restore the water status

Nos produits

  • Cryo-poche-sport
    Pack de recharge de 8 compresses de froid- Cryovest® Sport

    The FirstIce® cold accumulators or compresses diffuse a constant and long-lasting cold (2H). 
    After going into the freezer (ONLY), the FirstIce accumulators are inserted into the jacket.

    The recharge pack contains:

  • Evendura envelope

    The Evendura® envelopes provide uniform compression to help reduce inflammation and heat from the back of the knee to the tendon, fetlock and paturon areas.

  • Tendon envelope

    They provide uniform compression to help reduce inflammation and heat in the tendons and ligaments around the fetlock after training or injury.

  • Thermomètre Numérique- Sans contact

    This medical device is a regulated health product which carries, under this regulation, the CE marking.

    Easy to use, the measurement is accurate (+/- 0.2°C) and instantaneous in less than 0.5 seconds.

  • Hooves envelope

    The eaziest way to cool the horse's or poney's hoof. The envelopes with the FirstIce® cold compresses are easily placed around the hoof to the fetlocks to protect and relieve the hoof, spreading constant cold for at least 2 hours.


  • Hock envelope

    The hock is the most complex horse's articulation. This envelope provides uniform and consistent protection to reduce swelling and heat on the front and back of the hock. The opening at the barrel bone provides constant compression and perfect protection.


    Finally an easy way to treat the stifle. This new cryotherapy technology is lighter and create an intensive and constant protection on this difficult area. Perfect for stifle deep wounds, lacerations and swelling.

  • CryoHorse

    CryoHorse® is a cooling blanket for horses direclty inspired from the CryoVest® which are wearing high-level athletes for many years during offcial competitions.

    It helps to reduce artificially the corporal temperature of the horse before and/or after the training or the competition.

  • CryoVest Comfort

    CRYOVEST Boléro, is a cooling vest designed for the patients and weakened person like elderly people or people who are suffering of the heat.

    This CRYOVEST allows patient to maintain a physical activity such as biking without being disturbed by heat.